Flexible, Open and Distance Education is a means of delivering education using all appropriate technologies from a distance. An alternative for Papua New Guineans to pursue other multiple pathways of formal education leading to Grade 12, Tertiary Education and Training through Flexible, Open Distance Education by harnessing all appropriate and affordable technology.


The current mode of Distance Education will encompass flexible, Open and Distance Education in line with the moderntrend of Development. The Flexible, Open and Distance Education will provide relevant demand driven options for students to progress in study. Recognition of prior learning through work and life experience will enable students to gain credit towards their course program. The Flexible, Open and Distance Education courses will be restructured and upgraded to provide pathways for students to:
• Enroll at any time of the year;
• Study at their own pace;
• Study at a time and place convenient to them; and
• Complete assignments and sit for exams as and when they are ready.